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Punch Out With Katie and Kerry

Sep 26, 2020

What if you woke up one day and decided to compete in a beauty pageant? And what if you won and became Mrs. Maryland? In this episode of Punch Out with Katie and Kerry, we talk with Stacey Miller about her competitive streak, if her game consoles are neglected, and eating chicken and broccoli from a baggie on the go. Stacey is the sr. director of communications at Auto Care Association. 

In this episode we learned:

  • How she performed in her first-ever beauty pageant
  • How fitness competitions have changed her life for the better
  • Where she keeps her pageant gown in her home
  • What games she geeks out on and how often she gets to play

Want to know more about Stacey? You can find her at:


Twitter: @staceylamiller

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