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Punch Out With Katie and Kerry

Mar 10, 2019

Which came first, the John Wall Dance or John J Wall?  In this episode we interviewed John J.Wall, host of Marketing of Coffee and Partner at Trust Insights, to find out how practical skills come in handy, what new jack swing is, and how extensive his collection of “jamz” is. We never did find out what the J stands for.

In this episode we learned:

  • Why John goes by “John J”
  • Why John considers himself an authority on 90s R&B
  • The weirdest thing he’s ever found blocking a toilet
  • Whether or not he has a future as a wedding DJ
  • What 5150 stands for

Want to know more about John? You can find him at: | @mktgovercoffee | | @johnjwall | @trustinsights

This episode of Punch Out With Katie and Kerry is sponsored by Trust Insights.

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