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Punch Out With Katie and Kerry

Oct 8, 2019

Are you ready to rock? In this episode of Punch Out With Katie and Kerry, we talk with Jason Miller about his love of rock music, concert photography, and how he found his community through metal. Jason is the head of brand marketing, Microsoft Advertising EMEA, an instructor at the Berkeley extension school, and author of Welcome to the Funnel. 

In this episode we learned:

  • The name of Jason’s first garage band
  • How he won "best hair" in high school, beating out the girls in his class (and his secret weapon for maintaining those luscious locks)
  • Whether he can do a British accent - and how he encourages others to give it a whirl as a fun ice breaker
  • Which concert photos are his favorites

Links from this episode:

Want to know more about Jason? You can find him at:


Twitter: @JasonMIllerCA


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